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Connecting Dots


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Building Signage

Are you getting the most out of your foot traffic? Or cars travelling by your business?


Whether you need a subtle business sign or graphics to make sure your building is seen,


Aztech can help. 


Vehicle signage is one of the best ways to get your business seen. Think of it as a mobile billboard.

Getting graphics, logos or branding on your vehicle can be one of the most cost-effective way to garner new business. 

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Digital Printing

Digital Printing creates a full colour, high resolution statement of your brand or business.


Digital offers faster turn around  times than screen printing and with flexible run options on promotional, durable, weather, chemical and graffiti proof products.


Combine all this knowledge with years of experience in this field and see why we print over a 1,000mtrs of product per month.

Stickers / Labels

Labels can be supplied in singles or multiples and combined with different finishes such as easy peel, laminated, glossed or matte.

We produce labels daily! So a swift turnaround time is guaranteed!

With a wide range of specialty adhesives, we can customise your label to best stick to your product. (i.e. plastic bins, metals, paints and PVC)

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Temp-Promo Signage

Whether it be temporary Coreflute signage, flags, pull-up banners, footpath signs, or stickers

promotional signage is a great tool to get your business and brand out there and is perfect for events, exhibitions and trade shows.



Your exterior signage is one of the first things your potential clients will see, so let’s make sure it’s a knockout! We will work with you to ensure your exterior signage speaks the right volumes about you and reflects your business

From building signs and 3D lettering through to plinths and illuminated signage, our team can do it all to ensure your customers will see you any time of the day or night, rain or shine.

Windows- Wall Wraps

Wall wraps and window graphics allow you to add interest to your retail space, restaurants or office building while giving you the option of revamping them or removing them when required. 


Wall wraps can be printed on a large-scale and applied to both interior and exterior walls - although they are more usually used internally. Wraps can be printed with your company logo, your brand design or an image or pattern that you choose. Wall wraps are also a great way of displaying information about your business, or for exhibitions in public spaces.


In House Design

If you have just set up a new company or you are rebranding your existing business, and you are struggling to come up with a professional logo and branding options, talk to Aztech Signs about how we can help with graphic design.


Our team can work with you to design everything from scratch and then print all your promotional material for you including business cards, flyers, brochures and racks cards.






Tel: 07 578 0873

4A Brook Street - Fraser Cove


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Tel: 07 578 0873

4A Brook Street

Fraser Cove, Tauranga

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